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Poppin' My Color

I got a lot of comments and questions about this outfit I wore yesterday. When I was decided what to wear to the office, I had the following things in mind:

  • I want to wear my new pink heels

  • I don't want to freeze at my desk

  • I want to make a statement

  • I want to be comfortable

So, to conquer the warm and comfortable aspect, I reached for this puffy sleeve grey sweatshirt from Forever 21. It's comfy, it's cute, it has a unique design aspect to it. Done.

* the actual sweatshirt I am wearing is no longer available, so I linked a very similar one

Next I decided to take the new lace & pearl ankle socks I got from Amazon and pair them with my bright pink heels from Lulus.

Then, I had to decide on what pants to wear. I don't actually wear jeans a whole lot; I am a dresses, skirts and leggings kind of woman. But, it seemed like a rainy & chilly day was just calling for jeans. Now, if I was frolicking around town instead of going to work, I would have opted for a ripped up jean look. However, I cannot wear ripped jeans to the office, so I opted for a dark blue straight leg cut. I have had these jeans for years so I am not sure where I got them from, but I love them. They are a high waist style with 5 buttons. I have a rather plump butt for my body size, so high waist jeans work well to hold it all in there while also fitting my petite waist. Since I don't remember where I got the ones pictured above, I found some on Amazon that are affordable...since jeans can cost a pretty penny, depending on where you get them.

Lastly, I had to decide how to accent my outfit. Jewelry can make or break an outfit. Since I opted to wear super bright shoes with socks, I decided to keep the jewelry simple so it didn't overpower my shoes. After all, I built the outfit around the shoes so I couldn't take away from them LOL I opted to wear simple diamond studs from Luv AJ, which were a gift to me from a friend, followed by a long, layered string of [fake] pearls.

I had not washed my hair in like 5 days, so I tossed it in a messy top bun and walked out the door. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week at the most, so I go through a LOT of dry shampoo. I have tried out a bunch of different brands, but I also come back to the Not Your Mother's line as it works best for me. (all their products are good FYI). They have a few different types and I usually have all of them in my bathroom cabinet, but this Beach Babe Toasted Coconut one is my ultimate favorite. I don't have thick hair and I find that this adds just enough texture and volume to my hair to make me more confident with it.

Every night I lay in bed thinking about what I am going to wear the next day. If I am really on point, I will have all my outfits planned out and ready for the entire week. Since getting a puppy, this does not happy much. Being a single mom is hard y'all ;) Mainly, I just love that clothes are a way we can express ourselves. Like I have mentioned in a previous post a few years ago, we are a walking billboard for our own personal brand. How we present ourselves to the world is how the world will see us. We all have the ability to be our matrix-selves in real life.

Remember, you can wear anything as long as you wear it in confidence! To shop this look, check out my #AmazonInfluencer store HERE.

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