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2023 Bold Journey Feature

This may sound odd, but I believe that my optimism comes from my past pain. Growing up in a household surrounded by trauma and abuse made me lean in a different direction. I choose to believe that there is more than the bad because I have seen the awful while experiencing the blessings. I want people to feel love and hope because I know what it is like to not feel those things. It is easy to fall into victim mode, adding to a cycle of abuse and hurt. But I have never taken an easy road in my life. If we did not have storms, how would our crops grow? By actively choosing to see the bright side, you take control of the narrative and can make anything sparkle.

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2023 Canvas Rebel 
Magazine Feature

"What I am most proud of is staying loyal to who I am on every level. It’s easy to conform or go against your personal beliefs for the sake of a paycheck, but that always ends poorly. I would rather say no to a client and lose the money than lose my footing. At the end of the day, I go home to me, so I want to be proud of not only what I produce creatively, but of who I am and how I have acted."

2022 Voyage 
Magazine Feature

"I feel like I specialize in people. That probably sounds weird, but truly hearing what my clients are looking for helps lead me towards success with each project. No matter if it is a photoshoot, website design, blog content creation, or social media consulting, being able to get to the heart of what is needed by the people you are serving makes all the difference. It’s easy to try and force your designs or tastes on others as a creative person; we all have our own style. But at the end of the day, it’s not about us, it’s about them."

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2021 Shoutout HTX Magazine Feature

"Being a star chaser is not easy, and you must make many sacrifices along the way. Less time spent with loved ones, less TV binging, more time at the computer, researching, producing around the clock. It will feel like you have zero balance for a while. You will live in a constant state of stress and tiredness. You will question why you’re doing this. But it will all be worth it in the end. The easy stuff isn’t usually the good stuff; the hard stuff is, or everyone would do it."

2020 Voyage 

Magazine Feature

"I like to show honestly above fakeness because a false sense of humanity is what is wrong in the world today. We are perfect as we are on all levels. We need to love ourselves where we are at, to show our vulnerability without word vomiting negativity. We need to shine hope, love and inspiration back into the world and make it brighter again. That is the legacy that I hope I leave behind."

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